Which way should I go?

All of us wonder at times where to get the best help for a particular situation. We strive to meet all levels of support needs. Depending on the problem or question at hand, we have different solutions to get you the right information. See below for ways on how our teams can work with you!

Support Team


  • (888) 997-9947 x2

  • Standard phone support is available Monday thru Friday 9AM - 5PM US Eastern Time. Emergency Sunday support 7:30AM - 4:30PM US Eastern Time


Account Center:

  • The Account Center is the central place to view the products your organization has with Elexio along with creating a new request with the Support Team. Previous requests for support and creation of a new ticket can be found here: New Request


Other Support Communication Methods:

Subscribe to service alerts via email or text: Server Status

All this to say, we're real people and we care about what's affecting you, so don't hesitate to give us a call if necessary.


Q & A Sessions


Designed for live handling of questions about how to setup and use Elexio Community and/or Elexio Giving - Every Tues, Wed, & Thurs at 3:00 EST.

Join A Session


Success Coaching

You're already busy and you don't implement new church management systems every day...but we do. For your church management project of any shape or size, an experienced Coach is available to help you

  • Get up to speed faster with new technology
  • Get customized results for maximized results
  • Avoid mistakes and time-consuming technical obstacles
  • Leverage Elexio's experience from serving thousands of churches

If you'd like to discuss your options for purchasing Elexio Success Coaching, reach out to your migration consultant - or speak to one of our consultants at or 888-997-9947 x8201.