Portal Setup & Rollout



What is the Elexio Database Portal? The Elexio Database Portal is a browser based access point for the Elexio Database. It can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access and can reside at its own web address or be delivered within your church website.

Why use it? The portal connects your congregation to each other and to the ministries of your church. Used properly it can increase giving consistency, improve communication, increase event attendance and small group involvement.

Who uses it? Everyone uses the portal.

  • Regular attenders & members use the portal to interact with others in the congregation, manage their personal information, register for events and setup new/review previous donations.
  • Guests use the portal as an initial connection point with your church and to connect to your small group ministry.
  • Staff & key leaders use the portal to connect with each other, record small group attendance and easily access address, phone, email and social media contact information for everyone in the database.

How do I get started? This step-by-step series of articles makes Portal implementation a breeze. Follow the menu at the top of the site to get moving! We also recommend watching our Portal Education Video.  

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Last Updated: 5/24/2016