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You're not tied to your desk, and neither is ELEXIO – you can manage your church database from any device, anytime.


A powerful and easy to use system that provides the multitude of giving options that donors need.

Church Website

Elegant, professional designs with easy-to-manage features.

Clover Sites

Created to solve your essential online needs, and grow with you as your needs and vision increase over the years.


Organize your processes for accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Reliable domain based email for our website customers.

Legacy Database

Manage all of your church data, including consolidating giving statements, membership information, and more.

Legacy Website

Communicate with your church using the incredibly intuitive, Google-friendly Elexio website CMS.

Legacy Portal

Enhance stewardship opportunities by allowing members to access an online Portal.

Legacy Check-In

Make your children's education programs more secure, and easily track and report on event attendance.

Legacy Mobile

Keep your church connected with the integrated mobile app for churches included with Elexio Deluxe Suite.


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Ideal for in depth questions, our Q&A sessions meet in a group screen-share. Learn from our software experts and your peers as we review your pre-submitted questions.

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Most churches don't implement software everyday. We do. Take advantage of regularly scheduled sessions to reach your goals within an established time-frame. Ongoing group classes or one-on-one options are available. 

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